Meet Allison

Meet Allison Sloane. From a very young age, Allison has always had a love for all animals and a passion for rescuing them. Throughout the years, she came to realize that reptiles and parrots are often overlooked; they are the forgotten souls of the animal world. She has over 30 years of experience working with reptiles, and over 16 years working with parrots. For years she’s been doing outreach programs with the reptiles to engage and educate the community. On top of everything she does, she’s also a successful florist who owns the flower shop, Ashleigh’s Garden. At Ashleigh’s Garden, there is a large, seperate bird room that is home to 35 rescued parrots. A good portion of the day, as well as the profits from her business, go to caring for and supporting these birds. At home, she has 16 reptiles that she cares for.

Mission And Vision

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a world-class, hands on, educational experience to the public, designed to cement our commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and proper re-homing of reptiles and parrots. This will be accomplished by inspiring people to love and respect these animals while developing an understanding of the importance of their respective ecosystems.

The long-term objectives of The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. are to increase public awareness of the need for safe and healthy exotic pet care, the need for exotic pet education and rehabilitation facilities such as ours, and the availability of well-rehabilitated pets for those seriously interested in providing a safe, nurturing environment in a private home atmosphere. To this end, staff and volunteers will conduct public awareness programs aimed at making known these needs and the availability of classes to accomplish their goals. The funds raised and donated to the Project are directly applied to the cost and expenses of maintaining the facility, providing food, medical care and rehabilitation as well as staff overhead and out-placement.

Who We Help

When you think of rescue animals, you typically think of cats and dogs. These aren’t the only animals who need our help! We are striving to establish a place where reptiles and parrots can get the love and help they need and deserve.

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. focuses on the neediest of animals, providing food, shelter, and immediate medical care. These animals have been severely abused, abandoned, neglected, and very often brought to the edge of death before we are able to intervene.

The large facility will not only be used as a quarantine for the animals being dropped off by people who can no longer care for them but will also be used for animals brought in for rescue. We will have a full medical facility for our veterinarian to completely vet any reptile or parrot that comes in.

The center of the facility is a beautiful lush rainforest which will house mainly parrots, but also a variety of other animals that share a similar habitat. It will be a tranquil place for people and animals alike. The facility will house a state of the art quarantine area for animals. Not only will the facility have amazing areas for the animals but there will be a cafe, shop, parking area, and a tropical forest with an awe-inspiring tree at the center. The Pandemonium Rainforest project will truly be a place for everyone.

Educate And Engage

Our goal, through proper education, will be to see fewer sick and wounded animals in our eventual care. One of our primary objectives is to focus on educating children. We feel that children are the future of the existence of our exotic animals in the wild. We intend to teach the importance of conservation efforts and the danger of ever decreasing environments.

We hope, through our classroom work, to teach about ownership of exotics. We also hope to encourage a respect for the indigenous species of our area.

With such a big undertaking, we need as much help as we can get! With the support of donations, we will be able to procure the land needed to build a large facility that will enable the Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. to move forward with our mission.

We greatly appreciate any donation you are able to make! If you are interested in contributing in other ways, please reach out to us!