About Our Animals

Our commitment is to helping abused and neglected animals. These are all the current residents of the Pandemonium Rainforest Project.

We are proud to present our newest (and most exciting) fundraising program.

Sponsorships make great gifts for anyone! Grandkids and Grandparents, Classroom learning experiences, unique Birthday gifts, compassionate Holiday gifts. The opportunities are endless and you can feel good knowing that every last penny goes towards these animals! 




Here’s how it works:

Choose an animal (or two, or three…) from the Our Animals page of this site. Go read all their bios, see the photos, learn about their species and find your favorite!

​Donations of $20.00 or more will enroll you into our Sponsorship Program!

With your provided contact information, we will send you or a loved one a Certificate of Sponsorship, Photos of your chosen animal, and a feather!

Then, throughout the year, we will send additional pictures, updates and more!

Would you like to help all our animals. Make a one time donation Now.