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The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is committed to helping and rescuing any reptiles or parrots that have been traumatized, abused, neglected, abandoned or are in need of shelter, food and medical care.







What We Do

The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a world-class, hands on, educational experience to the public, designed to cement our commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and proper re-homing of reptiles and parrots. This will be accomplished by inspiring people to love and respect these animals while developing an understanding of the importance of their respective ecosystems. 

Our Mission

The long-term objectives of The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. are to increase public awareness of the need for safe and healthy exotic pet care, the need for exotic pet education and rehabilitation facilities such as ours, and the availability of well-rehabilitated pets for those seriously interested in providing a safe, nurturing environment in a private home atmosphere. To this end, staff and volunteers will conduct public awareness programs aimed at making known these needs and the availability of classes to accomplish their goals. The funds raised and donated to the Project are directly applied to the cost and expenses of maintaining the facility, providing food, medical care and rehabilitation as well as staff overhead and

Meet Our Animals

Our commitment is to helping abused and neglected animals. These are some of the current residents of the Pandemonium Rainforest Project.


Josephine had a loving owner who could no longer take care of her financially. This is, unfortunately, a story we hear all too often. Owning a bird is a lifelong commitment. Thankfully, Josephine now has her forever home in the Pandemonium Rainforest.


Mo is responsible for starting the original Ashleigh's Rainforest! As Allison was hiking the Appalachian Trail, she rescued Mo from a bad situation in a pet store in Virginia. She then hiked the Trail back to Connecticut with Mo. We’ll go to any lengths to make sure animals are properly cared for!

Ellie Woo

Ellie Woo is our affectionate name for Ellie the African Grey. The "Woo" is something she added herself - you can hardly talk to her without hearing her say "Woo!". Ellie otherwise has a very deep voice like a man. She is happiest playing in the cardboard boxes we give her every day. Ellie shreds more boxes than any other bird - a favorite past time of many.


A slow and steady fixture of the store, Humphrey is often found roaming the store looking for a nice warm spot to relax. Humphrey loves grape tomatoes, strawberries, and prickly pear. He chases the color red. Humphrey has more than tripled in size since we got him a few years ago and corrected his poor diet and inappropriate housing. Imagine how big he will get!


Cisco is another member of the “Fab Four” who, again, is lucky to be alive. She was in a terrible environment, was eating sunflower seeds with black mold, has a crooked beak from malnutrition as a baby, and a broken wing- she’ll never fly. Despite that, she has a very sweet demeanor!

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100% Of Your money will go straight to use







Our Top Priorities

With the support of donations from the community, we can continue to help and support abused and neglected animals. Your money will go straight to use as 100% of donations are used for the care and feeding of the animals.

What We do

We are striving to establish a place where reptiles and parrots can get the love and help they need and deserve.

Our Animals

Visit this page to see all the animals we care for at this time.

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Sponsorships make great gifts for anyone! Grandkids and Grandparents, Classroom learning experiences, unique Birthday gifts, compassionate Holiday gifts.


Our programs offer a unique opportunity for kids to learn all about certain reptiles and engage with a few very friendly ones!

 Food, Shelter, and Immediate Medical Care

When you think of rescue animals, you typically think of cats and dogs. These aren't the only animals who need our help! We are striving to establish a place where reptiles and parrots can get the love and help they need and deserve.


The Pandemonium Rainforest Project, Inc. focuses on the neediest of animals, providing food, shelter, and immediate medical care. These animals have been severely abused, abandoned, neglected, and very often brought to the edge of death before we are able to intervene.

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Sponsorships make great gifts for anyone! Grandkids and Grandparents, Classroom learning experiences, unique Birthday gifts, compassionate Holiday gifts. The opportunities are endless and you can feel good knowing that every last penny goes towards these animals!